Il 10 ottobre ha avuto luogo la cerimonia funebre per la nostra collega keniana Spinikah Nyaboke Ratemo. In quell’occasione Marco Casiraghi, operatore di Arché, ha letto il messaggio di Padre Giuseppe, qua tradotto in italiano.

In this sad day we would like to extend our closeness to Spinikah’s family, more especially to her son Ronaldo, through our prayers and faith.

A faith that a times we may find hard to maintain, as it passes also through the tragedy of death, but we always confidently believe that God does not abandon us, ever.

That God who gave us the most beautiful gift, life itself, cannot abandon us in death.

As the concept of life is not limited to the biological making of our body, death itself is not explained simply by the decay of cells, as we are more than our flesh and bones: this is proved by the dedication and love Spinikah put in her involvement in social work.

For sure love shared with others cannot be nullified by death, even though we are obliged to walk through such a difficult path in order to develop full trust in God and believe that, as He did not abandoned His son Jesus, in death He does not abandon us, and Spinikah, too.

Jesus tells us, in the Gospel of Luke, that “the Lord as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob is not the God of the dead, but of the living; for to him all of them are alive.” (Luke 20; 38). This repeated “of” holds the mystery of afterlife: it is indeed a word as brief as a breath, but it carries the mighty strength of a sacred bond. We are all so bound to God that He considers us an integral part of Himself, God tied His eternity to ours. We are all sons “of” Him in first place.

May our merciful Lord welcome her in His heaven.

Rev. Fr. Giuseppe Bettoni

Fondazione Arché ONLUS President

Per chi volesse aiutare Ronaldo, figlio di Spinikah, a continuare gli studi, può effettuare una donazione sul sito cliccando su “Dona ora” e specificando nella voce Progetti: «Spinikah».